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Cavernous-Venous Malformation

Cavernous venous malformations (CVM), previously called cavernous hemangiomas, are slowly enlarging, low flow developmental venous malformations and not true tumors. Orbital CVMs are one of the more common orbital lesions, but eyelid and conjunctival CVMs are extremely rare. They present most commonly in middle-aged adults presenting as slowly progressive, painless proptosis over several years. Ocular motility restriction or decreased vision may be seen with larger lesions. When small with minimal symptoms, observation is appropriate. Larger, symptomatic lesions are usually easily removed surgically. 

Orbital cavernous venous malformation with proptosis and hypoglobia
CT scan whowing an intraconal cavernous venous malformation
Lateral orbitotomy with removal of a cavernous venous malformation
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