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Chalazion and Hordeolum

Hordeolum is a common painful inflammation of the eyelid margin that is usually caused by a staphylococcal infection. An acute hordeolum generally presents as a diffusely inflamed abscess with localized tenderness and edema centered around an eyelash. It usually points anteriorly onto the eyelid skin. Treatment of acute hordeolum is generally conservative with warm compresses, lid scrubs, and topical antibiotics.  A chalazion is a granulomatous foreign-body reaction that may develop secondary to a sterile non-infectious obstruction of sebaceous gland ducts, and can develop from a chronic hordeolum. It forms a thin fibrous nodule which appears as a fleshy mass on the tarsal conjunctiva, or may protrude through the skin if it originates from an external hordeolum. Chalazia can be managed with intralesional steroid injections or incision and curettage.

Left upper eyelid hordeolum
Right lower eyelid chalazion
Right upper eyelid chalazion
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