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Dermatochalasis is an age-related laxity of eyelid skin and loss of muscle tone resulting in redundancy of skin and subcutaneous tissue in the upper and lower eyelids. In the upper eyelid, clinical symptoms include excess eyelid skin overhanging the eyelid crease and sometimes the eyelashes as well. In the lower eyelids, skin forms bags and festoons. Although this is typically an aesthetic issue, in severe cases dermatochalasis may reduce the superior visual field. Redundant skin is often associated with bulging fat pockets medially and laterally. The mainstay of therapy is surgical resection of excess skin (blepharoplasty) , with excision or repositioning of prolapsed fat pockets.

Dermatochalasis with excess skin overhanging the upper eyelids

Upper eyelid dermatochalasis

UYpper eyelid dermatochalasis after blepharoplasty

Upper eyelid dermatochalasis, following blepharoplasty

Upper and lower eyelid dermatochalasis with overhanging skin

Marked upper and lower eyelid dermatochalasis and lower eyelid festoons

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