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Hidrocystomas are benign cystic lesions of eccrine or apocrine sweat glands seen most commonly on the face, especially on the eyelids, in the medial canthus, and less commonly the lateral canthal angle. Eccrine glands are sparsely present in the dermis of the pre-tarsal and pre-septal eyelid skin and eccrine hidrocystomas are dome-shaped cysts with a clear amber, or bluish tint. Apocrine hidrocystomas are intradermal, dome-shaped, translucent cystic nodules with a white layered precipitate representing cellular decapitation products. The most common treatment of hidrocystomas is surgical excision with narrow margins but electrodesiccation, radiofrequency ablation, and laser treatment can be used for smaller lesions.

Left lateral canthal eccrine hidrocystoma
Eccrine hidrocystoma
Upper eyelid apocrine hidrocystoma
Apocrine hidrocystoma
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