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Ideopathic Orbital Inflammation

This is a common, non-neoplastic, acute or chronic inflammatory condition. It may be diffuse, involving widespread areas of orbital fat, or localized to specific structures such as the sclera, one or more extraocualr muscles, or the lacrimal gland. Patients present with inflammatory symptoms including pain, conjunctival injection, eyelid edema, proptosis, and decreased ocular motility. Visual disturbance can be seen when the optic nerve sheath is involved. Systemic steroids produce resolution in more than half of cases as does low dose radiotherapy. 

Right orbital diffuse  ideopathic orbital inflammation
Right CT showing diffuse ideopathic orbital inflammation with fat stranding and shaggy optic nerve sheath
Diffuse IOI
Right orbital myositis with conjucntival injection and proptosis
CT scan showing right orbital myosistis of the lateral rectus muscle
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